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Equine ownership made easy

Hi. My name is Jennifer Wallis. My daughter Breanna and I started Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms to share horse health and safety information with people who are also passionate about horses.

I have been working around horses since I was three years old and my daughter has been hanging around the barn since she was born. I have been active in animal safety and the market of animal products/supplies for several years and advocate progressive thinking when it comes to agriculture.

Currently Wallis Farms has three horses at the farm — which isn't many to some I suppose — but through our horses various quirks and commentaries, they ensure that we are challenging ourselves to be better people and find better ways to do things every day.

What does this mean for you?

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Being active in the animal product-and-supply world for many years I've been able to speak with and learn from many notorious equine experts and it's information that I'd like to pass to other people equally interested in the health and welfare of animals. As an animal welfare advisor, well, let’s just say that I’ve seen or heard about some things that I'll never forget.

Certainly, some of my lesser experiences have left me jaded towards people and organizations and their decisions on how to deal with pets and livestock. But more often, these experiences have given me an outsiders glimpse on ways of raising incredible horses and the understanding of how anyone who owns or would like to own a horse, can play a part in progressive, artful horse ownership.

Artful horse ownership made easy

Wallis ‘n Daughter Farms brings synergy to the horse world by connecting the expert opinions of skilled horsemen to one central portal on the web.

We offer perspectives from a more scientific view than pure emotion. However, we are also horse owners and understand that to the equine enthusiast, a horse is a strong, emotional beast.

The information and products we showcase on this web will provide the horse and horse owner with equine management solutions through a combined effort of like-minded individuals, educational materials, supplies and experts in the equine field.

We will work with groups to help equine enthusiasts interact together through educational meetings and with other industry professionals. And will help horsey folks to be “in the know” by being a learning forum that helps all of us to be equine savvy and along the way saves us our precious commodity of time and money.

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So what is this website about? It is about discovering and talking about what is best for our equine friends. It is not a particular view or stance. It is simply about responsible pet health solutions which contribute to over all animal welfare, and address the modern day concerns horse owners respond to.

But how will we accomplish this? Well, by throwing out ideas for discussion, by bringing together specialized in depth information on various topics, and by focusing on consumer choice which is associated to animals, the costs of our animals, our pet’s health and well being.

Good idea, but how do we intend to start? Easy to answer, perhaps less easy to do. Dreams, goals, visions, drive and this website, which is meant to blast those myths by working as an interactive education tool and becoming a place for people to get together, discuss things, be a united voice, and learn an artful way of raising today's hores.

So, WELCOME friend and THANK YOU for coming here and giving us your precious resource of time.

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Join with us and this community, and be sure to leave your thoughts and communicate with the many people through this powerful circle of friends.

Jennifer Wallis
Wallis 'n Daughter Farms Co.
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