These are Deceased Pet Pictures

A peek into each of our lives through memories cannonized by the photos of our deceased companions

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Wallis 'n Daughter Farms..,

Sox 'n Lace. Appaloosa mare. Found in a garage at the back of a house mal-nourished and with damaged feet. Smart and beautiful equine. Passed October, 2001. Her nickers are greatly missed.

Harry. Cowboy. A horseman, partner and friend. Passed April 2007.
Thought of every day.

Brindle. Lab. Very loving and gentle dog. Quiet soul. Passed July 2006

Lady. Lab. Very playful and happy dog. Favorite sport was to swim. Always brought a smile. Passed June 2007.

Shep. 1999-2008. A dog that never grew up. Forever a happy go lucky puppy. A very squeezable, huggable dog. This guy loved us and we loved him. Such a shame. We will miss him tremendously. Good night dear soul. Passed October 2008.

Other families stories..,

Annie. Lab. A smart kind girl and a huge part of her families life. With no guide dog training she was vision when needed. It was amazing how she knew the differences from one object to another. Fetch perhaps was one of her most favorite games. She is deeply missed. Passed June 2008.