Endangered Horses

Equine On The Survival List

Endangered Horse List:

It is surprising how many horses are on the endangered horse list. For the horse savvy folks this may be something you are passionate about and certainly a subject for this comprehensive horse library.

Consider Conservancy - USES of Rare Breeds!

Endangered horse ratings are universal:

– Fewer than 300 adult breeding mares.

– Fewer than 500 adult breeding mares.

– Fewer than 900 adult breeding mares.

At Risk
– Fewer than 1500 adult breeding mares.

– Breeds of genetic interest but either lack definition or lack genetic or historic documentation.

– Previously listed breeds that have exceeded the at risk category(fewer than 1500 adult breeding mares), but are still in need of monitoring.

Based in the CANADA:

• Rare Breeds Canada : Rare Breeds Canada is a federally registered charitable organization formed in 1987 that is dedicated to conserving, evaluating and studying heritage, rare and minor breeds of Canadian farm animals. L: Website, pictures, links.

Based in the USA:

• American Livestock Breeds Conservancy : The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy shows a comprehensive list of the current state of horses and their ratings as described at the top of this page. L: Website, some pictures, links.

Based in the UK:

• Rare Breed Survival Trust: : The Rare Breed Survial Trust works to restore Britain's native livestock breeds to their rightful place in our countryside. L: Website, breed list, register, links.

Organizations Helping the Endangered Horse:

There are organizations that spread the word about endangered horses and support a variety of breeds getting them from critical to recovery to ultimately off the list. Following is such a list of organizations which help horses on the survival list.

List by breed (alpha):

• Abaco Barb Horse : Read about the Abaco Barb. Equus Survival Trust calls it the most endangered horse in the world. L: Website, Abaco Barb horse pictures.

• Fell Pony : The Fell Pony is a tireless, surefooted, hardy, thrifty equine. The Fell Pony Society and Conservancy for the Americas. L: Website, pictures.

• Marsh Tacky : Smellshorsey describes the Marsh Tacky including it's history and efforts to save them. L: Website, pictures.

• SeaHorse : The Asian Press talks about the Seahorse. L: Article.

• Suffolk Horse : Queen Elizabeth II is giving here support in the survival of one of England’s most endangered native breeds the Suffolk Horse. L: Blog, links.

• List of Rare and Endangered Horses : Equiworld gives you a tour of the less well known or endangered breeds. L: Website, pictures, links.

PLEASE NOTE: This web page is based on the research and conversations that we have had with various people and professionals on the subject of endangered horses. This listing is meant for information purposes only and is not intended to replace personal research into any individual organization. We do not accept liability for errors or omissions. A person should always conduct extensive research before supporting any operation financially or otherwise.