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Marvin David has dedicated his soul to the legacy of the Arabian horse. Following is his in depth look at this magnificent equine.

The pedigree of an Arabian horse is its lineage and the master bred Arabian horses are pedigreed royalty. Arabian horses have five original Arabian strains. These strains form the foundation for strains around the world. Every true Arabian horse lineage can be traced back to one of the original strains.

Pedigreed With today’s genetic research, and scientific breeding programs, it is only natural that some horses will stand out within the strains themselves. The master bred Arabian horses are those horses, which are the cream of a quality crop. They represent Arabian horses that have been bred to be not just a majestic Arabian, but also an Arabian horse that excels in every way.

Master bred Arabians are horses that are bred according to The Master Breeder program developed by a breeder in the 19th Century. The program has been adopted and modified using the latest technology that science offers. The results are Arabian horses that have a perfect symmetry and show quality unequaled by other Arabian horses.

Pedigree in the world of Arabian horses is the major factor determining value and success. Master bred Arabian horses have a perfectly documented pedigree that leaves no doubt they are purebred and have no flaws. The truth is that bargain priced Arabian horses are a bargain for a reason - just like almost anything that seems to be an exceptionally good deal.

The master bred Arabian horse is the culmination of careful breeding that has culled only the best genes of the line. As a result, everything from the build to the color of the horse is of the highest quality. With a master bred horse you know exactly what you are getting in the horse, because documentation is meticulous.

Knowledge is Power

We all know people who brag about something and we know the whole time they are not telling us everything we need to know. When you own one of the master bred Arabian horses, you can prove that your horse is pedigreed quality. The glory of owning such a horse is the foals will carry on the genetic and breeding tradition. The original master breeder is a legend, but the results are very tangible – perfect Arabian horses displaying the proud Arabic lineage.

Master bred Arabian horses are certified horses. They are classified as Stellar or Star quality. This applies to mares, colts, geldings, stallions and fillies. A master bred Arabian horse is a horse that has an elite classification supported by pedigree, adding value to the horse and its progeny.

The Stellar Arabian horse is a full blooded master bred Arabian that can carry on the master breeding line. The Star Arabian horse has a pedigreed line that can be used to create a Stellar horse through breeding.

With the knowledge you own a master bred Arabian horse, the power of breeding and maintaining horse value is under your control. With proper analysis, a horse can be certified as a master bred Arabian. Horses that you currently own will be evaluated to determine if the breeding lines can be matched with a Star to produce a Stellar Arabian horse. If it sounds scientific that is because it is very technologically state-of-art.

It is difficult to be too precise in the description, because master bred Arabian horses are bred through analysis of existing horses for breeding purposes.

If you want to breed a master bred Arabian horse, go online and find master breeder services.

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