Naming Your Horse

One Of The Hardest Things To Do

Whats in a horse’s name?

Who amongst us have not had that exhilarating and momentous occasion of naming a horse and have not sweated and agonized for days over finding that perfect, meaningful, best suited name.

Well, we certainly have been there and bet you have too.

Below are some of our most favorite sites which we hope will help you name your prized equine.


• Horse Crazy Girl's favorite horse names.

• The Horse Report lists horse names by themes such as gender, breed, sport.

• Reduce brain-racking time with Greenhorn Horse Facts horse names list.

• An extensive list of Cowboys, Indians, Outlaws and Gunfighters and Horse names can be found here.

• For a list of horse names with meanings and interesting bits of trivia visit Cowboyway.

• Famous Horse Names can be found at Fun Horse Names.

Or for more help try our list of name generators..,

A listing of popular name generators.