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Responsible pet health solutions? I have one interesting story.

I have never really been an outdoorsy, adventurous type of girl. I prefer watching the television, reading fashion magazines and going clubbing. However, one summer, when I was ten, I remember being forcefully taken to my grandparents’ farm house in Iowa. I dreaded the vacation as I was not interested in the morning sun, milking the cows or picking wild apples.

Even though I was a real spoil sport in those days, I remember that I learnt many new things and actually began to have fun by the fifth day. For the rest of my month long vacation, I returned to my normal, happy self.

Even though this vacation took place more than eight years ago, I still remember the night one of my granddad’s horses was delivering a baby. My grandparents never slept a wink that night. We saw them rushing in and out of the barn. They did everything possible to comfort their horse, bundling her in blankets, feeding her oats and pain killers and calling a vet for expert opinion.

Finally, in the early hours of morning, we heard the good news. She had delivered a beautiful male pony. The mother was stable but, still in a lot of pain. After a week of constant monitoring and treatments, she began to turn around and started improving. I learnt how to check a horse’s temperature and feed her medicine.

I started to enjoy accompanying my granddad to the stables and eagerly waited for it the whole day. Animals are very sensitive creatures and they can immediately sense the vibes coming from human beings. For example, they knew that granddad genuinely loved them so they would enjoy being nuzzled and fondled by him. On the other hand, they could sense my fear so, just as I would hesitate to touch them, they would shy away from me, too.

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